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Here’s one of today’s projects. This was surprisingly difficult. With how easy it was for circles, I expected it to work the same, but keeping the type aligned was a challenge. I got it figured out just fine in the end though. πŸ™‚

The background is a picture of an old shoe I found near an abandoned farm.
The background is a picture of an old shoe I found near an abandoned farm.

I’ll have the rest of the photos from the abandoned farm up soon!

By joetowey

I live in the greater Seattle area. I have my BFA in graphic design and visual communication from Northwest College of Art. I've been largely influenced by the area that I've grown up in. My largest passion is for print design, having worked both in a print shop and screen printing company. Look at my silly pictures at http://joetowey.wordpress.com Email me at joe@fingersduke.com -or- call or text me at 425-478-5294


  1. You said that the first one, with circles, took 20 minutes. How long for this? (looking forward to the farm pics – I love old barns / farms)

    1. This one took about an hour and a half. Because of the way that I build these, I have to do each frame of rotation by hand. While normally this is no problem, with a triangle, photoshop would change the axis point every time. I eventually just started putting in the x and y coordinates that I needed it at. πŸ™‚

  2. What you’re doing here, Joe, is truly innovative – new visionary ways to use new technology to create intriguing, charming work!

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