Three Climates – The Coast

Here’s the second section! About a month ago I made my way out to the very tip of Washington with a few friends and of course brought my camera! Keeping the same theme as the first section, these are a little on the experimental side as well. All of the panoramas that I’ve been posting… Continue reading Three Climates – The Coast

Penguins are Weird

From taking this photo I learned that penguins look really strange when you look super close. Really interesting though. I wasn’t expecting to see the wrinkles on the top of the beak from the little salt extractor thing. I took another trip to the zoo for my roommates birthday a few days ago. In the… Continue reading Penguins are Weird

New Shirt Off the Press!

You can find these at the Fingers Duke store in the Kitsap Mall or in their online store right here!

New Shirts off the press @ Fingers Duke!

I forgot how satisfying it is to see designs going into the store. This weeks shirt for New Shirt Tuesdays at Fingers Duke was a design that I did. And here’s the shirts fresh off the press! All in all I think they came out pretty awesome so expect more in the near future!