Over the River and Through the Woods

On Christmas Eve I joined up with my folks and we went out to visit my grandparents in the small town of Morton. Buy the time we got there I had been up for a little over 24 hours so I spend the day doing a mix of taking photos, doing the family thing, and… Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods

Skeletons of Summer

For the past few weeks every time that I’ve gone out with my camera, I’ve ended up taking photos of dead plants. This is a selection of those photos. And, because it’s always threatening to rain or actually raining, all of the light is nice an consistent across the whole batch. I think that one… Continue reading Skeletons of Summer

The Abandoned Barn

Finally found motivation and time to edit some of these pictures! So here goes. I had another rainy day off so I went to shoot photos at an old barn that I had made note of a couple weeks ago. There were a lot of neat details laying around, but the whole place was grown… Continue reading The Abandoned Barn

Oregon Silver Spot

Thanks to a few friends for getting me into the know on what species this is! If anyone can identify this for me, I would love to put its name as the title. It was taken on the trail to the Kendal Peaks lakes just past Snoqualmie Ski Area in WA.