Sunset Moonrise

I shot this on my old 30d the night before the 4th of July.

Toilet Playtime

Sometimes it’s good to switch things up a little. So today I wanted to see what I could shoot on the back of the toilet. So here is todays toilet toilet play time. This fellow has been living on the back of the toilet longer than I’ve lived here. After so long, it only seems… Continue reading Toilet Playtime

As Time Passes

Keeping track of time is difficult. It feels like the last couple of months have gone by in just a couple of days. I’ve been fond of time lapse for a long time, but I’m seeing so many other ways to portray the passing of time. As it becomes harder to keep track of time,… Continue reading As Time Passes

The 4th in 90 seconds

On the 4th of July I set my camera up to shoot time lapse at 7:30am. It looked out across the bay taking in much of the scene. A few batteries later, I was tearing it down and going to bed. This is my 4th in a 90 second nutshell.  

Long Exposure Time Lapse

As a test this .gif is made up of long exposure time lapse. Which naturally means, that I was sitting in one spot for a very long time. The exposure time for each frame was 3 minutes and 45 seconds. The stars are a little difficult to see, but they can only get better from… Continue reading Long Exposure Time Lapse