Bike Night @ Mill Creek

It’s been very busy lately. But amidst the general chaos of living in the 21st century, I’ve managed to built a couple projects. This is from a fun monthly event that has just taken on the name “Bike Night.” For 5 hours, on the first Friday of every month, the Mill Creek Skate Park goes… Continue reading Bike Night @ Mill Creek

End of an Era

We will return to your usual programing after this short message. Yesterday I snapped the frame of my bicycle. We were best friends. It had the best geometry I’ve ever stunted, but all good things come to an end. Tonight I’ll be pouring one out for you my frame.

Three Climates – The Coast

Here’s the second section! About a month ago I made my way out to the very tip of Washington with a few friends and of course brought my camera! Keeping the same theme as the first section, these are a little on the experimental side as well. All of the panoramas that I’ve been posting… Continue reading Three Climates – The Coast

The Rocking Portrait Test

My good friend Kali was kind enough to both pose for me and let me use her camera to begin to flesh out an idea that’s been rattling around for a little while! I would love to do this with a third camera do create a larger smoother rocking effect. With that out of the… Continue reading The Rocking Portrait Test