The End of the World as We Know it

It snowed a few inches in the Seattle area this morning. Unfortunately, once again, the miniature ice age did not fail to wipe out all of the local miniature dinosaurs. Now only time will tell how long till this once green land is full of their tiny roars again.

Three Climates – The Forest

Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to get out and about quite a bit. On these outings of work and play, I’ve managed to spend time hiking in the mountains, swimming on the coast, and walking through the flats of eastern Washington. So, starting with the forrest since that’s the closest to home. Here… Continue reading Three Climates – The Forest

A Fine Engagement

Here are a few of the engagement photos I shot a few days ago. Congrats to Kody and Crystal! A finer snowboarding pair you’ll never meet! We spent the first half of the day playing in the snow, and then for the second half, we took our final snowboarding runs for the season! We wandered… Continue reading A Fine Engagement

-3˚c Hydrogen Oxide

It was snowing hard up at the Pillows this week. After hiking the drops for a few hours, I pulled out my camera for as long as I dared in the downpour. I didn’t take too many shots because I was more concerned with keeping things drying and not loosing them to a layer of… Continue reading -3˚c Hydrogen Oxide

The Pillows

Lately I’ve been making a weekly trip to the mountains with who ever I can talk into coming along. While this isn’t out of the ordinary at all, there is a special reason for these trips. And that reason is called the Pillows. It’s magical enough that every week it’s worth a two hour drive… Continue reading The Pillows

Forrest Sign

Another one from the hike a few days ago!

Spots of Color

My roommate and I went to explore the snowy mountains the other. And he kindly put up with me carrying my camera everywhere. We drove up a scenic highway to where it was closed for the year. The rest of the day was spent going though snow filled camp grounds waiting for springs warm embrace. From… Continue reading Spots of Color

Over the River and Through the Woods

On Christmas Eve I joined up with my folks and we went out to visit my grandparents in the small town of Morton. Buy the time we got there I had been up for a little over 24 hours so I spend the day doing a mix of taking photos, doing the family thing, and… Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods