The 2015 Reel!

This past year in a nut shell. I’ve been extremely fortunate this past year to work on a ton of awesome projects. I was able to wake up excited for what I was doing more often than ever before, which honestly just makes me more excited for what the future holds. I was able to… Continue reading The 2015 Reel!


It’s never the wrong time of night for doodling on the computer.

Playing with Fire

If you haven’t played with the flame renderer in Adobe Photoshop​ it’s a funny tool that can get you some cool results quickly. Here’s about 10 minutes of playing around with the letters ASDFGH.

Adding New Things

One of my favorite activities is to go back and see what I can add to old photos. Sometimes to try to make them work better, others just for the sake of the action of adding something. This definitely falls into the later category.   I also spend a lot of time toying around an… Continue reading Adding New Things

The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

I’m not usually one for posting videos, but hot damn this was a lot of work. This is a general sampling from jobs I’ve done in the last year. Watching this for me is just a rush of memories.   While for the most part I only selected things that could fit in smoothly, there… Continue reading The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

Floating Oddity

I went camping with a couple friends last weekend. There were strange things floating all over. To the eye they looked like they were barely there if at all. Once you get them on camera and run the images through some treatments (see photoshop, after effects, & cinema 4d) these little strange things begin to… Continue reading Floating Oddity

What a Twist – Cinemagraph

Went back and experimented with a photograph. Building ideas for how this could be put to better use in the near future! I want to work with these a LOT more. Very very easy, and very fun to make. From the start of post to the exporting of the .gif this took maybe 15-20 minutes.

Over the River and Through the Woods

On Christmas Eve I joined up with my folks and we went out to visit my grandparents in the small town of Morton. Buy the time we got there I had been up for a little over 24 hours so I spend the day doing a mix of taking photos, doing the family thing, and… Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods

Free Time in a Fire House

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a job doing fireman training videos in a fire house. About half way through the day we had about a half hour to kill between shots because we got ahead of schedule and the talent for the next set hadn’t shown’t up yet. So this left… Continue reading Free Time in a Fire House

The Abandoned Barn

Finally found motivation and time to edit some of these pictures! So here goes. I had another rainy day off so I went to shoot photos at an old barn that I had made note of a couple weeks ago. There were a lot of neat details laying around, but the whole place was grown… Continue reading The Abandoned Barn