As Time Passes

Keeping track of time is difficult. It feels like the last couple of months have gone by in just a couple of days. I’ve been fond of time lapse for a long time, but I’m seeing so many other ways to portray the passing of time. As it becomes harder to keep track of time,… Continue reading As Time Passes

-3˚c Hydrogen Oxide

It was snowing hard up at the Pillows this week. After hiking the drops for a few hours, I pulled out my camera for as long as I dared in the downpour. I didn’t take too many shots because I was more concerned with keeping things drying and not loosing them to a layer of… Continue reading -3˚c Hydrogen Oxide

It’s Going to be a Cold Wet Winter and I Can’t Wait

Designed this yesterday for a friend who’s involved with NorthWest Vinyls. For the moment I might not be posting quite as regularly as I’m watching tons of tutorials and teaching myself you to use AfterEffects and Premier Pro proficiently. Though, this has promise for much cooler things in the future!

An Oven with a History

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a couple of weeks now and just finally got around to editing them. That being said, this was from a location shoot! The house we were in had such a lovely old oven that spoke of a different time in which all ascetics  could be traced back to… Continue reading An Oven with a History

Skeletons of Summer

For the past few weeks every time that I’ve gone out with my camera, I’ve ended up taking photos of dead plants. This is a selection of those photos. And, because it’s always threatening to rain or actually raining, all of the light is nice an consistent across the whole batch. I think that one… Continue reading Skeletons of Summer

Fire Line – Cross Here

At least I’m fairly certain that’s what the tape said. As some of you may know it was exceptionally raining in the Seattle area yesterday. With this in mind I thought the light would be lovely to shoot inside of and old abandoned house. And just as it happened, I knew right where one was… Continue reading Fire Line – Cross Here