Awesome Opossum

I got a little too into a doodle to reply to a text message and it turned into me drawing for an hour an some change. Still, not the worst thing I’ve spent an hour fifteen on.

The working mans screen caps

As I work on stuff, I every time I have something that I like, I screen capture it. Just a single image, then most of the time I let myself forget the context and continue working at a fervent pace. Here’s some of those recent captures with maybe a little bit about them. If I… Continue reading The working mans screen caps

oh hello

Playing with Ouroboros in After Effects!


It’s never the wrong time of night for doodling on the computer.

Viewpoint at the Edge of the World

It looks like it has meaning and quality till you look closer.

Playing with Fire

If you haven’t played with the flame renderer in Adobe Photoshop​ it’s a funny tool that can get you some cool results quickly. Here’s about 10 minutes of playing around with the letters ASDFGH.

Adding New Things

One of my favorite activities is to go back and see what I can add to old photos. Sometimes to try to make them work better, others just for the sake of the action of adding something. This definitely falls into the later category.   I also spend a lot of time toying around an… Continue reading Adding New Things

Real Babar’s Piano Recital

    Babar doesn’t need to play the piano, he’s already the king! You can watch it with sounds around here!

Babar’s Piano Recital

The crowd is cheering because Babar is the king, and he’d throw them in the stockades if they didn’t… Watch this with sound here!

Good Grown Morning

This is just tooling about with some fun settings in C4d. I’ll have lot’s of new content soon. Just have to get through April (one of the busiest months of my life.)