The Show at the Beach

Watching reflections is always enjoyable. This held true on the fourth of July as well. I spent the night watching for the flicker of a lighter, then get ready to start the long exposure. The glowing orb is the moon. It’s been bright these past nights. I have dozens of these, but I feel like… Continue reading The Show at the Beach

The best part of Valentines Day

The best part of Valentines Day is after Valentines Day I can finally buy Cadbury Eggs. Valentines Day candy is okay as well I guess, but really it’s just fun to look at because of the bright colors. That being said, let’s look at some brightly colored Valentines Day candy! These were all shot with lens… Continue reading The best part of Valentines Day

The 4th in 90 seconds

On the 4th of July I set my camera up to shoot time lapse at 7:30am. It looked out across the bay taking in much of the scene. A few batteries later, I was tearing it down and going to bed. This is my 4th in a 90 second nutshell.  

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

If you have  a few clicks to spare, please look at a larger version of the holiday guy. I may have, and in fact did draw him for 18×24. When you zoom it in you’ll see I did all the stitching on his clothes and such. I haven’t been illustrating enough lately so this is… Continue reading Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

Happy Halloween!

Hope all that seen this are having an enjoyable holiday! And some of those that don’t see this as well I guess.

Bainbridge Island Farm Pumpkin Patch!

Went to the Bainbridge Island Farm pumpkin patch and picked out some very fine pumpkins!