The Fast Way Down the Mountain

Here’s the first of many fun nuggets of joy from last weekends backpacking trip. We covered about 17 miles in three days. On Saturday I wandered off alone all day to see where it would take me. One of the places I wound up was in a huge field of flowers, ferns, blueberries, and huckleberries.… Continue reading The Fast Way Down the Mountain

A Fine Engagement

Here are a few of the engagement photos I shot a few days ago. Congrats to Kody and Crystal! A finer snowboarding pair you’ll never meet! We spent the first half of the day playing in the snow, and then for the second half, we took our final snowboarding runs for the season! We wandered… Continue reading A Fine Engagement

Four Bikes, One Car, Four Parks

Today was the first official ride day of the season. We loaded up four bikes and four people in one car and rode four parks. And it was glorious. It’s always an impressive feat fitting four bikes in the trunk. Though with the improvements through the day I swear you could fit five in there… Continue reading Four Bikes, One Car, Four Parks

Single light and Reflector

A few days ago I shot some photographs for Fingers Duke’s new clothing items with a lovely friend of mine named Marti. Here are a few of my favorites! Shooting people in this manner isn’t really my forte, but it’s always fun to play with new and different things. I feel that I stretched the… Continue reading Single light and Reflector

Rainbow Dog

I saw a few rainbows today, and promptly felt bad for all the dogs that didn’t understand why their owners suddenly stopped walking and began staring at the sky. And in a true dog fashion I forgot about it and started smelling things.