48 Hours

Here’s a short film some friends and I did back at the start of august for the Seattle 48 hour film festival. Our requirements were as follows: Genre: Creature Feature Prop: Flyswatter Character: Darin/Dana Stumme, Massage Therapist Dialogue: “No way, Never again.” All in all this was one of the craziest shoots I’ve ever worked… Continue reading 48 Hours

The 4th in 90 seconds

On the 4th of July I set my camera up to shoot time lapse at 7:30am. It looked out across the bay taking in much of the scene. A few batteries later, I was tearing it down and going to bed. This is my 4th in a 90 second nutshell.  

Brushing Off the Dust

While there is still plenty of winter to play in, it never hurts to started getting ready for the next season. With this in mind I’ve started cleaning my film cameras, and not just so I can take hip photos. I want to be able to set up my 30D with the intervelometer to do… Continue reading Brushing Off the Dust