Pop Wipe

I saw a video a few days ago that had a balloon pop and reveal it was full of plexus style particulates. I wanted to play with the concept a little. So I did.

Three Climates – The Coast

Here’s the second section! About a month ago I made my way out to the very tip of Washington with a few friends and of course brought my camera! Keeping the same theme as the first section, these are a little on the experimental side as well. All of the panoramas that I’ve been posting… Continue reading Three Climates – The Coast

Space Movers Infomercial!

This is a completely rebuilt version of the Space Movers animated .gif. I wanted to see how many different programs and thing I could integrate. The audio was just kind of plopped on there, mostly because I know very little about the audio side of things. That is my roommate Jake jake jake reading off… Continue reading Space Movers Infomercial!

Space Movers!

8 out of 9 packages aren’t destroyed in space! This is a little project to play with integrating as much as possible. So, there’s hand animation, hugin (a photo stitching program), photoshop, flash, and illustrator! The hardest part of this, was that flash kept crashing every 20 minutes for whatever reason. The photo is a… Continue reading Space Movers!

Red Apple Motel sign – Cinemagraph

I saw this sign while catching up with my mom. She saw some of the photo’s I have of old and abandoned buildings (I’ll edit and post them soon) and wanted to show me some she had found. After awhile this just turned into us driving around chatting. We ended up in the town of… Continue reading Red Apple Motel sign – Cinemagraph

Indecisive focus – Cinemagraph

Another one from the other day at the abandoned farm. I’ve been too busy working to edit any other photos yet. Soon though! I love how odd and slightly unsettling these things are. Plus they’re very fun and fairly quick to make!

Pushing Post

This photo was more of an experiment than something that I was planning on finishing. Actually, up until today I didn’t even plan on touching it at all. Basically the little concept for this little project was could I take a shitty photo and make a good one just in post with minimal adjustments to… Continue reading Pushing Post

From the Doodle book – Dead Lady

Direct from the doodle book to you. Having fun with changing up to a little different style. I’ve been thinking about adopting this as a more permanent change, but we’ll have to wait and see if I actually have the patience to draw like this all the time.

Tacoma Narrows .gif

This is a little experiment for things to come later. It was take from the first overpass on the Tacoma side of the narrows bridge.

Readability Experiment

Just a little experiment to see what would and wouldn’t be readable. Definitely not something that you can glance at and get. Plus, being a Pantone nerd helps a little too. Also, if you’re a female and you can read this through, we should probably get married.