The Cutting Room Floor

Here are a few elements that never saw the light of day from the past couple weeks.

The Saddest Seagull

It’s been crazy busy of late, but I managed to squeeze in time to make a quick looping cartoon in the last couple of days! I mixed sound and music with it as well! To see it with sound just follow this link !

The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

I’m not usually one for posting videos, but hot damn this was a lot of work. This is a general sampling from jobs I’ve done in the last year. Watching this for me is just a rush of memories.   While for the most part I only selected things that could fit in smoothly, there… Continue reading The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

Very Short

I had some free time on my hands yesterday so I made a fun little animated .gif! Can’t get much shorter than a 5 second animation!  

It’s Going to be a Cold Wet Winter and I Can’t Wait

Designed this yesterday for a friend who’s involved with NorthWest Vinyls. For the moment I might not be posting quite as regularly as I’m watching tons of tutorials and teaching myself you to use AfterEffects and Premier Pro proficiently. Though, this has promise for much cooler things in the future!

An Oven with a History

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a couple of weeks now and just finally got around to editing them. That being said, this was from a location shoot! The house we were in had such a lovely old oven that spoke of a different time in which all ascetics  could be traced back to… Continue reading An Oven with a History

Red Apple Motel sign – Cinemagraph

I saw this sign while catching up with my mom. She saw some of the photo’s I have of old and abandoned buildings (I’ll edit and post them soon) and wanted to show me some she had found. After awhile this just turned into us driving around chatting. We ended up in the town of… Continue reading Red Apple Motel sign – Cinemagraph

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

If you have  a few clicks to spare, please look at a larger version of the holiday guy. I may have, and in fact did draw him for 18×24. When you zoom it in you’ll see I did all the stitching on his clothes and such. I haven’t been illustrating enough lately so this is… Continue reading Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

The Swing at the old barn

It was raining today, so naturally I sought out an abandoned building to take pictures of. I’ll have the rest up in a day or two, but for now here’s a moving cinegraph of the swing that was in front of the barn. Also, I found what appears to be a full street of abandoned… Continue reading The Swing at the old barn

Losing at Contests

Howdy there! I’ve been negligent about posting for a couple (I tell myself) good reasons, the first of which is that I’ve been playing around and signing up with design contests. Naturally I haven’t won a thing, but it has become a good source of entertainment. The other reason that I haven’t been posting is… Continue reading Losing at Contests