A Fine Engagement

Here are a few of the engagement photos I shot a few days ago. Congrats to Kody and Crystal! A finer snowboarding pair you’ll never meet! We spent the first half of the day playing in the snow, and then for the second half, we took our final snowboarding runs for the season! We wandered… Continue reading A Fine Engagement

Once a Farm

So a short (slightly long) while ago I found and explored a now abandoned farm. I’ve been sitting on them not doing anything for a deplorably long time, but here a few at long last. This is where I would normally have some sort of establishing shot to give context to the rest of the… Continue reading Once a Farm

The Kennels

A couple of more photos from visiting my grandfolks in the small town of Morton. No one in my family really talks to much about the kennels in particular, so I don’t know very much about them past their age an that they look hauntingly lovely now. The kennel and barn sit at the back… Continue reading The Kennels

Skeletons of Summer

For the past few weeks every time that I’ve gone out with my camera, I’ve ended up taking photos of dead plants. This is a selection of those photos. And, because it’s always threatening to rain or actually raining, all of the light is nice an consistent across the whole batch. I think that one… Continue reading Skeletons of Summer

The Abandoned Barn

Finally found motivation and time to edit some of these pictures! So here goes. I had another rainy day off so I went to shoot photos at an old barn that I had made note of a couple weeks ago. There were a lot of neat details laying around, but the whole place was grown… Continue reading The Abandoned Barn

The Swing at the old barn

It was raining today, so naturally I sought out an abandoned building to take pictures of. I’ll have the rest up in a day or two, but for now here’s a moving cinegraph of the swing that was in front of the barn. Also, I found what appears to be a full street of abandoned… Continue reading The Swing at the old barn

Flashing Construction on Highway 99

One of these days I’m going to actually come up with a really cool application for these. And get better at making them. Then they’ll be all magic like the pictures in Harry Potter.

Fire Line – Cross Here

At least I’m fairly certain that’s what the tape said. As some of you may know it was exceptionally raining in the Seattle area yesterday. With this in mind I thought the light would be lovely to shoot inside of and old abandoned house. And just as it happened, I knew right where one was… Continue reading Fire Line – Cross Here