When It’s to Wet to Ride Bikes we Draw Bikes

These also doubled as a chance to test out and get familiar with the rad character animation plugin Rubber Hose

Bike Night @ Mill Creek

It’s been very busy lately. But amidst the general chaos of living in the 21st century, I’ve managed to built a couple projects. This is from a fun monthly event that has just taken on the name “Bike Night.” For 5 hours, on the first Friday of every month, the Mill Creek Skate Park goes… Continue reading Bike Night @ Mill Creek

End of an Era

We will return to your usual programing after this short message. Yesterday I snapped the frame of my bicycle. We were best friends. It had the best geometry I’ve ever stunted, but all good things come to an end. Tonight I’ll be pouring one out for you my frame.

Turndown into the Waterfall

Sometimes it’s nice to just fool around with photos and have fun with the editing. Split toning, odd gradient masks, fun shapes and the like. This is all the more true when paired with insomnia.

Four Bikes, One Car, Four Parks

Today was the first official ride day of the season. We loaded up four bikes and four people in one car and rode four parks. And it was glorious. It’s always an impressive feat fitting four bikes in the trunk. Though with the improvements through the day I swear you could fit five in there… Continue reading Four Bikes, One Car, Four Parks

Self Cinemagraph

This is an small idea that I had the other night and got around to shooting on my way home from work last night. Sort of like a self portrait, but with a bit more life and character. As it were, shooting the photos was much harder than I anticipated. I had set up with… Continue reading Self Cinemagraph

Weekend Snaps

I’ve been out and about all weekend, and as a result, got a few neat photos! And since I’m not really one for context, you don’t really get much. Like I said, not much, but still a little. And finally, we get to today.

Two from Kingston!

For not only the second time, but the second time in a row, I’m posting a couple of bmx pictures. I promise I’ll post more silly drawings and whatnot too. Today Chance and I jumped a ferry boat and went out to the Key Peninsula to ride the Kingston Skate park. It was fun and… Continue reading Two from Kingston!

Chance Does a Stunt

One of the things that I don’t put much about on here is that I ride bmx. The other day I brought my camera to the park and popped a couple of shots off. This just happens to be one of them!