Up the Interstate

A couple of weeks ago I was burned out and wanted to get away. So, I traveled up the interstate. The sun and light were nice enough that it was just one of those pull over and grab the tripod moments. And of course it’s not a trip to anywhere in Washington if you don’t… Continue reading Up the Interstate

Three Climates – The Coast

Here’s the second section! About a month ago I made my way out to the very tip of Washington with a few friends and of course brought my camera! Keeping the same theme as the first section, these are a little on the experimental side as well. All of the panoramas that I’ve been posting… Continue reading Three Climates – The Coast

Treasures on the old bulk head

I spent a little time wandering down the beach the other day picking up bits of crab that had washed up with the tide. Every time I had both of my hands full I would go back to the old section of bulk head and set them on the pillars. In their prime more than… Continue reading Treasures on the old bulk head