The Lovely Things at the Zoo

Today I went to the zoo with my buddy. T’was a lovely time and we’ll being going again in a couple weeks! As has become the norm, this was shot on my phone. Phones are pretty crazy these days.

Babar’s Piano Recital

The crowd is cheering because Babar is the king, and he’d throw them in the stockades if they didn’t… Watch this with sound here!

The Saddest Seagull

It’s been crazy busy of late, but I managed to squeeze in time to make a quick looping cartoon in the last couple of days! I mixed sound and music with it as well! To see it with sound just follow this link !

The End of the World as We Know it

It snowed a few inches in the Seattle area this morning. Unfortunately, once again, the miniature ice age did not fail to wipe out all of the local miniature dinosaurs. Now only time will tell how long till this once green land is full of their tiny roars again.

Things with Wings

I’m fond of birds in general. Im jealous that they can fly, they look weird, and they come about as diverse as the imagination. Seeing so many things that vary all along the same general structure is always interesting and inspiring. There’s a idiom in design that I feel sums up birds in a nutshell.… Continue reading Things with Wings

A Greater Ape

Just a couple more from the zoo! Todays animal is the gorilla. These fellows were very neat. After sitting and watching them for awhile it’s enough to give mixed feelings on anything that intelligent being in an enclosure. They knew what clearly knew what cameras were and would either put a hand or foot in… Continue reading A Greater Ape

Penguins are Weird

From taking this photo I learned that penguins look really strange when you look super close. Really interesting though. I wasn’t expecting to see the wrinkles on the top of the beak from the little salt extractor thing. I took another trip to the zoo for my roommates birthday a few days ago. In the… Continue reading Penguins are Weird

The Undesirables

A few more from the Zoo. I’m almost done with these. I’m still on the tail end of a bit brain fart/ creative block so I’m still milking things that I have that I know work. I’ve promised to myself that after I get through those photos that I already have I’ll be back to… Continue reading The Undesirables

Lovely Dancer

Hit play on the song watch the elephant dance to it. Just passing some time with a little fun. I was listening to this song as it did it so it matches up fairly well. Good day to you! Also, I’m going to start doing weekly find Fridays again, because there’s too much goodness on… Continue reading Lovely Dancer

One for the Birds

A few days ago I went to the local zoo with a couple of buddies. For a portion of the day my friend Matt and I traded lenses to have some. I got to used his 50mm prime and he used my 18-135mm. These are a couple of the shots from the 50! All in… Continue reading One for the Birds