Super Cereal

A short time back I got to spend a night with my dream. Lens. It was a quite unexpected engagement, but that made it all the more exciting. Even though it will be quite awhile before you’re in my arms again, I’ll always love you, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. We met while working on a job. The job ended up running quite late so it was asked if the lens could just spend the night at my house, then I could run it back to its rental house in the morning.

We got back to my place around 10:30. Having so little time to plan our night I was left with only what was at hand. So, like any other normal person would, I set up lights in the bathroom and hit the cupboards!



Naturally, the back of the toilet is the easiest place to set up and shoot object photos. The bathroom is nice and bright and easy to bounce lots of light. The first thing I saw in the cupboards were all the various cereals that had somehow amassed there. I don’t know how it got there, but it was exactly what I was looking for.IMG_2750Finished

Familiar enough that just about anyone can recognize it at a glance.


But strange enough close up to look alien.


Though other times, they look exactly like we expect them too.IMG_2755Finished_1

Which is still weird looking.


Well, it was the start of a good night, but the rest will have to wait. One thing I know for sure though, the next time 100mm macro comes over, I’m going to ask if ring flash can come too.


By joetowey

I live in the greater Seattle area. I have my BFA in graphic design and visual communication from Northwest College of Art. I've been largely influenced by the area that I've grown up in. My largest passion is for print design, having worked both in a print shop and screen printing company. Look at my silly pictures at http://joetowey.wordpress.com Email me at joe@fingersduke.com -or- call or text me at 425-478-5294


  1. This doesn’t have much to do with your post, but seeing as you love dinosaurs and design I thought you might want to check out this guy’s paleo illustrations. I’m not sure you would remember my sister but she is dating him. Nice guy, very talented.

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