Retouching things from college and 1000+ follows

Just kidding! I wiped my old college website in preference to having a link leading here! What finally spurred on this decision was the fact that I’m out of business cards. I did just recently find some older ones that linked back to my original website though. So, now with this little change, I can use those cards and I’m no longer out!

Here's what the link/splash page looks like now!
Here’s what the link/splash page looks like now!

1000+ Follows!

I told myself that I would include a little about myself once I hit 100 follows. Then 500, then 800. And now at 1000, I’m finally putting in a little snipet. I normally try to keep things fairly objective as far as only letting certain aspects of myself show through. This is because I want to be able to make work that is strong enough on its own that it doesn’t need a personality behind it because it has a life of its own. Constantly seeking this is what gets me motivated everyday.
More than anything else, I hate feeling useless. So I spend everyday trying to get better. I love learning, creating, helping, and building skills. I’ll probably stay this way until I’m useful in every situation. Ever.
Other facts. As seen from the above section, I can be a bit of a penny pincher (see: cheap ass), especially when I can think of a way around it. At the other side of that, for things that I’m going to keep, tools, tattoos, etc, I would rather pay more and get something too last. I grew up with my dad’s saying, “Do it right, do it once.”
With that in mind, I draw quite a bit away from the computer. With this, I tend to draw everything more than once. Repeating the same thing until I like what I get.

The one on the right is pretty much how I've seen myself since childhood.
The one on the right is pretty much how I’ve seen myself since childhood.

The ones on the right are plastisol paint pens. They’re pretty much the most fun ever. And they don’t bleed through paper at all!

Other than that, I’m 24, I’ve worked in a print shop, helped start a screen printing shop, an art store, a bicycle shop, microsoft, oodles of festivals, vending at baseball games, and lots of freelance. I’m currently doing mostly freelance production assistant, grip, and video playback work. Also, I’m working weekends at the bicycle shop down the street to have financial padding. I ride my bike about every other day. I’ve grown up on the beach so I know how to catch most sealife by hand.

And to finish it up, I currently have a twisty mustache because it makes me giggle when I see it in mirrors.

By joetowey

I live in the greater Seattle area. I have my BFA in graphic design and visual communication from Northwest College of Art. I've been largely influenced by the area that I've grown up in. My largest passion is for print design, having worked both in a print shop and screen printing company. Look at my silly pictures at http://joetowey.wordpress.com Email me at joe@fingersduke.com -or- call or text me at 425-478-5294


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