Reignwolf in the Neptune

This is the first time I ever brought my camera to a show. let alone a show that I was so excited for. I went down to Seattle a couple hours early to buy tickets and get a drink before the show. At the first bar I realized that I had forgot my CF card in my computer from my last photo dump. This resulted in about 10 minutes of palm to forehead before I realized that I had a back up hidden in my camera bag just for the event of my forgetting my card. So The night commenced!

It was a fairly full house at the Neptune

The opening band was one of my favorites. The Grizzled Mighty. When they took the stage they were nothing short of awesome, I would have made the trip down just to see them, but to get to see them with Reignwolf, MMMMMMMM…. delicious.

Plus the lighting was very cool as well

If you’ve never heard them before 

And they can be downloaded here!

The second act was The Young Evils. I didn’t get to many photos of these guys, as I was distracted by the popcorn I was inserting into my face.

This photo sorta looks like its from an 80’s highschool movie

And finally the headliner. Reignwolf. If you haven’t heard him before, Please, please, listen. He is yet to put out an album, but he is already dominating the Seattle music scene with his skills.

He makes magic and fills the entire stage with his presence

It’s impressive that Phil Collins can sing and drum. That’s hard work. Reignwolf however, shreds the guitar with one hand using the feedback and drums with the other hand.

Naturally I took the picture just after he threw down the drumstick…
And one final photo

All in all, Amazing. Flat out. If you ever get the chance, see him in concert. You won’t regret it.

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