Over the course of these couple of years I went from primarily working onsite with large companies, to working 100% remotely and largely moving away from corporate work. Moving from Washington to Idaho and back again. Getting engaged, buying my first home, losing a pup, and a million other little stories. I think the most fun thing about a good reel, is all the memories that flood back with them. Where, what, and who you were at any given moment, glimpsed in increments of seconds. 


This last year has been amazing. It’s been had both the busiest and slowest stretches of my career. I got to work on more cool projects than ever before. And definitely more NDA projects than ever before. Ohhhhhh, the things I can’t tell you… I’ve been able to learn an insane amount, and that shows no signs of slowing down. I’m finally to the point where I know After Effects and animation processes well enough that I can come up with and complete new animation tricks and processes before ever touching the computer. BUT, for as amazing as the last year has been, the biggest thing it’s done, is make me all the more excited for the next year. The above reel is just my animation reel, I’m waiting for one final project to be released before I can publicly show my mograph reel. If you like it at all though, reach out! Let’s be friends! I’m always looking for more people to bounce ideas around with!


This past year in a nut shell.
I’ve been extremely fortunate this past year to work on a ton of awesome projects. I was able to wake up excited for what I was doing more often than ever before, which honestly just makes me more excited for what the future holds. I was able to make new friends, work in some very cool offices, learned a couple good lessons on how to avoid all nighters, pulled at least a dozen all nighters, I got to see my graphics across screens the size of a football field, watched a least 100 hours of tutorials, had several things on the telly, and still had time for biking, hiking, reading, and video games.
Now I pour one out for the past year and raise a glass to the next!
…shit… don’t pour glasses out at your computer desk


This was my first reel. It’s got things that are still cool, and even more that are a little cringy, but hey, gotta start somewhere.