One for the Birds

A few days ago I went to the local zoo with a couple of buddies. For a portion of the day my friend Matt and I traded lenses to have some. I got to used his 50mm prime and he used my 18-135mm.

These are a couple of the shots from the 50!

These little fellows were very kind to constantly pose in their little bird dome.
These little fellows were very kind to constantly pose in their little bird dome.

All in all this made me super excited to get a prime lens of my own! It’s so easy to get the focus incredibly sharp! Consider me a believer.

The blue walls in the bird dome helped too.

I’ll post more soon! I’m currently sitting on a few more photos from Sun Valley, more from the zoo, and some from doing some back country snowboarding yesterday!

By joetowey

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    1. hehe thank you BFF!
      Prime lenses are lenses that don’t have any zoom. They only have a focus ring. The lack of moving parts makes them easier to focus and because there’s no float the pictures normally come out with higher clarity. Also, they can often go down to a 1.8-1.2 f-stop πŸ™‚

  1. I bought my first prime lens about a year ago — a 35mm, rather than a 50mm (cost was a factor, and, the reviews of the Nikon’s seemed to favor the 35mm)… anyway… I was skeptical about it, as I really love shooting with my macro lens (it’s a 105mm)… I like using it even for non-micro shots. But, wow! The prime lens was much more awesome than I imagined it to be. It’s also much more versatile than I thought.

    I’m glad you got to try one… and you’ll be really happy to own one. I look forward to seeing what you photograph with it.

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