Weekly Find 13/03/22

Here’s the best animated short that I found this week. I was browsing on Cartoon Brew when I stumbled upon this. The 70’s illustrative style is absolutely fantastic, mixed with a touch of macabre making for a complete package!

Weekly Find 13/03/15

This is going to be a fairly quick post as it’s late and I’ve still got plenty to do! This weeks video is one that I found a back in college a few years ago, but I still watch quite regularly whenever I feel like my own illustrations start to feel dry. It’s very cute… Continue reading Weekly Find 13/03/15

Weekly Find 13/3/8

This is one of my favorite animated shorts of all time. I found it a while ago while browsing what the internet had to offer and instantly fell in love. Enjoy!

Weekly Find 13/3/1

I did weekly finds for a little while in the past. So here’s the revitalization of that! Every Friday I’ll post the best thing (Usually video) that I have found all week. To start it off, here’s a fantastically animated music video animated by the same folks who did Super Jail! I found this while… Continue reading Weekly Find 13/3/1

Find of the Week 4/13/12 – La Royaume

It’s Friday so it’s time for the second ever Friday find of the week! La Royaume (The King and the Beaver) is definitely that find! This is one of my favorite animated shorts that I’ve ever seen. Once again via WhatTheCool

Find of the week 4/6/12 / Is Tropical – The Greeks

I spend a good bit of time browsing the internet for little nuggets of gold. But there’s almost always one that stands out much more than all others. As of now, I’ll start sharing the best thing that I find during the week every Friday. Why Fridays you ask? At my last job, we would… Continue reading Find of the week 4/6/12 / Is Tropical – The Greeks