The Cutting Room Floor

Here are a few elements that never saw the light of day from the past couple weeks.

Sample Stills

These are stills from animations for clients from the last couple weeks

The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

I’m not usually one for posting videos, but hot damn this was a lot of work. This is a general sampling from jobs I’ve done in the last year. Watching this for me is just a rush of memories.   While for the most part I only selected things that could fit in smoothly, there… Continue reading The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

The End of an Infographic

This is from a project that I was working on a couple weeks ago that got canned ¬†midway through. Although the actual project will never see the light of day, I’m still fond of the icons that I build for it and want them to at least get a flashlight on them. If I find… Continue reading The End of an Infographic

Life, Now in 3D!

I’ve been busy, but I’ve gained some new tricks and skills. Super busy. 7 days and 70 some hours a week busy. The upside is now I have a solid working knowledge of tracking 3d into video! Plus all sorts of other useful stuff!     I’ll have video’s with fun 3d integration up in… Continue reading Life, Now in 3D!

It’s Going to be a Cold Wet Winter and I Can’t Wait

Designed this yesterday for a friend who’s involved with NorthWest Vinyls. For the moment I might not be posting quite as regularly as I’m watching tons of tutorials and teaching myself you to use AfterEffects and Premier Pro proficiently. Though, this has promise for much cooler things in the future!

Dead Girl Glowing Tee!

Printed freshly today! The Dead Girl shirt! The folks over at fingers Duke were printing these late into the evening so they could have them ready for a new t-shirt Tuesday. Plus, it’s GLOW IN THE DARK. I’m going to turn out the lights where ever I go just so I can use it like… Continue reading Dead Girl Glowing Tee!

New Shirt Off the Press!

You can find these at the Fingers Duke store in the Kitsap Mall or in their online store right here!

It’s over 9000!

After somewhere in the area of 6 months without a computer, I finally one again! I can’t wait for all the sleep I’m going to lose! Expect more soon!

Old Flier- Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers

A little while before my computer took a dive, I had the opportunity to do this show flier for Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers. And just today I finally got around to actually shooting in a couple snaps of the flier.