From the train

I did a day trip up to Vancouver BC a few days ago and popped this off on the train up in the morning.

Awesome Opossum

I got a little too into a doodle to reply to a text message and it turned into me drawing for an hour an some change. Still, not the worst thing I’ve spent an hour fifteen on.

The Cutting Room Floor

Here are a few elements that never saw the light of day from the past couple weeks.

Pop Wipe

I saw a video a few days ago that had a balloon pop and reveal it was full of plexus style particulates. I wanted to play with the concept a little. So I did.

When It’s to Wet to Ride Bikes we Draw Bikes

These also doubled as a chance to test out and get familiar with the rad character animation plugin Rubber Hose

The working mans screen caps

As I work on stuff, I every time I have something that I like, I screen capture it. Just a single image, then most of the time I let myself forget the context and continue working at a fervent pace. Here’s some of those recent captures with maybe a little bit about them. If I… Continue reading The working mans screen caps

The 2015 Reel!

This past year in a nut shell. I’ve been extremely fortunate this past year to work on a ton of awesome projects. I was able to wake up excited for what I was doing more often than ever before, which honestly just makes me more excited for what the future holds. I was able to… Continue reading The 2015 Reel!

oh hello

Playing with Ouroboros in After Effects!

Kingston Launch

Here’s a little thing I shot on my phone while boarding the Kingston ferry yesterday.

Sunset Moonrise

I shot this on my old 30d the night before the 4th of July.