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It was snowing hard up at the Pillows this week. After hiking the drops for a few hours, I pulled out my camera for as long as I dared in the downpour. I didn’t take too many shots because I was more concerned with keeping things drying and not loosing them to a layer of fresh snow.

One of the bits of the bushes we always walk by without looking at.
One of the bits of the bushes we always walk by without looking at.

While most of the trees are still green (all pine and fir trees), this was one of the last leaves clinging to its summer post.

Looking back on our spot.
Looking back on our spot.

While I was taking pictures a few other folks were continuing to climb the pillows for a final time before it was time to head back to the car.


This spot is a good half kilometer deep of hiking through the snow and I can’t wait to make that hike again!

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    1. It just about was snowing horizontally. It was coming down hard. It’s one of my favorite day trips/ hikes for the winter. 🙂
      They’re bagels. Om nom nom!

      1. Hehe, food is always tastes best out in the cold 😀 That’s why norwegians often bring dispensable grill and sausages/burgers with them when hiking 😉 -also why immediately thought – burrrgers 🙂

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